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Archipelago Archipelago
Que La Bete Meure Que La Bete Meure
Death Will Have Your Eyes Death Will Have Your Eyes


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Some stuff that happened – part seventeen

Goodness me, over a year since the last one. Picture dump then?

I know these people – I have no idea who they are

Like many people I commute by train to work. I’ve done it on and off for about six years now (I had two years off for good behaviour when I got a different job). It can at times be frustrating or tiring but I’m well aware it’s not the worst I could have by any […]

Some stuff that happened – part sixteen

I’d originally planned to do one of these types of posts every three months as kind of seasonal round-up. It’s been eight months since my last one. A lot has happened, but don’t worry I’m not going to dump eight months worth of pictures, this is a special of sorts. Earlier this year I decided […]