Speakersfive – Andy Roberts stood in front of brick wall

Speakersfive is me (Andy Roberts) I’m a designer and dabbler in other creative bits and pieces. I grew up in Devon, lived in Wales for a bit and now live and work in the West Midlands, UK. I’ve a love of mid century modernism and cardigans.

My professional design path began about 14 years ago after completing a Graphic Communication degree in Cardiff. In that time I’ve gained experience in a variety of mediums with all sorts of clients. I’ve had the pleasure of working with international financial institutions and hotel chains as well as small businesses and start ups. I started off in branding and print with a sprinkling of digital – I used to make CD Rom presentations, remember them? After working for various agencies, I’m now split between the two, loving aspects of both mediums.

Speakersfive and this website is my outlet for personal projects and life snippets.

You can find me in other places online via the social links in the footer or on the contact page. Offline, either shuttling between Worcester and Birmingham on the train or doing things at Badego.

Photography and other website content

I try to illustrate most blog posts with my own photography. Please do not use any of my images without contacting me first. I’ll probably be fine with it, it’s just nice to ask.

On the odd occasion where this doesn’t happen I try where I can to give credit. If this hasn’t happened and you know the source please let me know.

Regarding photographs, written content and designs on this site – it’s all lovingly crafted so, you know, be nice.